Welcoming spring as summer

Yesterday Saturday was a busy day, where dance and space and performance articulated the day.
The morning workshop with Struan Leslie explored notions of space, pace, tempo, interactions and intentions, focusing on habitual actions as/in performance, and looking and seeing, personal spheres and engagement with others in context. A very rich morning that sparked many questions and ideas in my mind; thanks Struan!
The afternoon was an exciting programme of talks by architects and choreographers and their connections to space and movement in space. The main highlights for me were the focus on light and materiality, and the filling of "empty" urban spaces with dancers, be they aerialists or ghost dancers whose presence is mediated via mobile technologies.

Today was more about recovering from all this action (including going to the digital dance installation at the O3 - lots of fun, triggering the sounds of my sewing machine via movement - and watching the performance by Retouramont dance company at the castle). It's in that contemplative mood that I ended the day, welcoming the arrival of British Summer Time, and possibly even of summer in this warm spring day. Here are two photos where I tried to capture the fantastic dusk light as viewed from my living room :)

Dusk in Wolvercote
15 min later...