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Home practice

Hoping everyone is keeping well and staying safe!

As March 2020 has seen us all have to limit our social interactions in person, and all studio-based classes are now on hold, I've been reviewing and testing for you a number of the flurry of online ballet classes that have been and still are cropping up en masse...

So if you're keen on keeping your practice going, here are a few pointers.

First, some pragmatic points:

Barre substitute: ideally pick something that is about waist level and definitely no lower than hip level. Basically, anything you can reach with the palm of your hand whilst maintaining the loooong spine of that beautiful posture we've been working so hard on...  Kitchen counters, balcony railings, window sills usually qualify; ironing boards are also an option to consider (adjustable height!), but make sure it's nice and stable! Personally, I'm not too keen on the backs of chairs - unless they're rather high backed. I used to use the back of a roc…

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