Getting ready to perform "Triple-Entendre"

It's the week leading up to the show.
And -oh, how surprising- I'm freaking out a bit! Well not majorly, but it feels like there's still so much to do!
What's done and ready though should be reassuring:

  • The choreography is ready and complete
  • Our special lights have arrived 
  • The music is finalised
  • The costumes are almost finished (well "almost" and it's been the case for weeks! hummm...)
  • The video is ready (yes I have a bit of a video as a backdrop - it's minimalistic, but should be effective)
  • I've sorted my performer's insurance (that I really didn't expect to have to do - there was no mention of it ever before I received the contract from ODF)
  • Professional photos and filming of the dress rehearsal and of the première performance have been arranged

So what is there to be freaking out about will you say? It looks like things are well on track and ready to go!
Yes, well... yes, but!
My body seems to disagree with all that optimism - I'm still excited of course, we've worked hard on this piece, and the culmination point, the actual show is now in sight, but I feel really tired.
There's always this funny thing leading up to a show where it feels like I should be more regular in class as ever; that's when my body needs to go to class the most... and that's also when I can't go to all the classes I'd like to. With all the rehearsals, in the actual space, in the studio, the tech run and the various last minute touch-ups of all kinds, my schedule won't allow me to go to all the classes I normally go to (and that's in spite of having taken the week off work!). So I just have to make sure I warm up properly and thoroughly before each rehearsal -- I'm no spring chicken anymore - I actually turned forty two weeks ago, after all!
Look what I found in my inbox on my birthday!
Don't you wish you had a sister as sweet as mine?

Forty feels like it's a new beginning, really. And a part of that "new-ness" is putting together "Triple-Entendre", my first choreography to be performed in a real theatre. The piece is on my mind continually; in the morning when I wake up, at night when I go to sleep, throughout the day. It's amazing how much head-space a 15min piece can take!  And I'm enjoying it! Of course this piece comes from my own guts, with the help, support, and hard work of my two amazing accomplices Laura and Malcolm, so it's not that outlandish for it to occupy my thoughts so much!  It's a bit like being on a cloud - I fear the coming down from it, but it'll be time to deal with that when it happens!

For now I'll just keep worrying for a bit... ;)
Next rehearsal is tomorrow, and we ought to try and dance with our costumes - at least once before the tech run and the dress run! Our tech run is on Thursday, and then, well then it'll be the day! :)

So. It's time I'd finish off those costumes, before I go to ballet class this evening, making a stop on the way to see a dance-themed installation  called "Meeting point - Digital prisoners" put together by Naomi and Neil. Doesn't it sound intriguing? Come along! It's free and it'll only be on for three nights/evenings: 26th-28th Feb on Bonn square...