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New piece, new perspectives

Starting a new piece is always daunting, but also full of promises.
Now that I'm gearing up to premiering this new piece, Body-No-Body, on 14th July at the Old Fire Station (as part of "ODF presents..."), it's really intriguing to see what has emerged, how things might have seemed to stray away from my original intentions and how yet I have addressed a few questions without realising I was addressing them.

I often find that one of the main difficulties when talking about one's own work is to not go into a whole genesis discourse whereby I end up describing what I wanted the piece to be, rather than talking about what it is.
If this seems to contradict what I wrote above, please bear with me, all will become clear!

One of the aspects I was keen to research in this piece was how to realise, within ballet, the kind of texture, tension, and full commitment to the bodily experience of dancing found in butoh.
Putting this into words is always a fascinating experience. …

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