Since September 2017, I've been teaching regular non-syllabus adult ballet classes.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page for my teaching calendar.

Drawing on my training in the French School of ballet, I strive to share the joy of movement and the subtleties of intention through movement.
My favourite technical foci are:
  • placement and posture;
  • presentation and articulation of the feet and lower legs; 
  • fluidity and breath in the movements of the upper body; 
  • and precision and clarity in the orientation of the body in space.
I teach my own classes on:

 Tuesdays 18:15 - 19:45 at Mortimer Hall
(next to the Old Marston Library 50 Oxford Road, Old Martson, OX3 0PH).
This is an Adult mixed-level class (from Improvers to Intermediate/Advanced).
[for up-to-date information on time and location, especially during the holidays, 
please check the calendar at the bottom of this page]

I also currently teach Fridays in school term time for Oxford Academy of Dance at the United Reformed Church (294A Banbury Road, Summertown OX2 7HN):
18:15 - 19:30 Adult Beginners- Improvers
19:30 - 21:00 Adult Intermediate
[Please take note of the new times above, as of Sept 2018: 
- the Beginners/Improvers class is now 1h15min long and; 
- the Intermediate class is now 1h30min.
For dates outside of term times, please refer to the calendar below.]

I have further been teaching occasional non-syllabus ballet classes for established dance schools in Oxford since 2013 (mostly doing replacements, on demand):

Here is my teaching calendar - please click on each class for details of location
I keep this calendar scrupulously updated.
To add my classes to your calendar (e.g., google, iCal) and keep up-to-date with the dates of starts and breaks, feel free to download this ICS file.
Please note:
- the ICS file above only covers my own classes - in red below;
- for the classes I teach for local schools -in blue-grey below - please keep an eye on this calendar or visit the websites of the schools.

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